Kevin, Angels Love

Everybody can do it, we can have love, sex

Aren’t you happy 🙁 I did my best for girls on dating sites

They rejected me, No Love Appointment i want to change side


Chase Your Dreams   Dreamer, Asot 850





The Code






This Is Gods Love, Learned from my Angels





God loves Unconditionally, without any exceptions.

The Universe/God will always support and give you what you want, 100% of the time, at the perfect Divine Timing:

as long as what you want is always consistent with the Higher Good of all

(i.e. never infringe on other people’s free will), AND as long as you are in perfect, complete alignment with your desires.










Ego/ Higher Self and Gods Love is Free Will, Karma System Grounding



I am positive, have patience with Others, I am Pure Light:

Love is: Not Judging People, Possessions, control, Not thinking about self only,

We, Me As One Is Higher Self, Real love is social, helping others believe in theirself,

giving others and self their selfworth back, Motivate, talk with others, Let it be



One, Universe 906, Eternity

Everybody is 18 Control, Cant own love And the Christ Consciousness


Inner Child, Mirror:

HeroesPower of LoveI am LoveCant Stop the Feeling Rock my Body

Unique, beautiful, I am more, I have it in me, I show I love my inner child



Love my child like you love your brother sister


Believe in me, I am One I am your Mirror, I fight and hurt, u, me,

Love me the same.. I am blonde, brown, Red Hair, I am boy, girl, I am child,Teen,

Love me like yourself.. I am good, I love my child, We dont need to change, we are beautiful, sexy, worth it, We can













Focus on yourself, walk your own Path, and  Transform all Negative to Positive:



Transform all Negative cracking off to Positive

and give myself Selfworth, I am sexy, I can Do It, Push It to the Limit

Give yourself compliments


Angels Channel: Dont listen to people that hate, Do things Your Way, Free Will, and Love More, I only listen what u want to hear, Make yourself Happy









Energy Creation,


Biogenesis & Merkaba Energy, Chemtrail, Control Detox

CoCreator I am AliveTRANSMISSION Creators Visions Light Body Activation, Merkaba Genesis





This is also Dance Energy













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